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my lousy atempts at artwork^^ first works done with traditional media, recent works are the effect of my experiments with photoshop and opencanvas


pictures and other pieces of art I find stunning, awesome, adorable or funny. usually random finds, found in my friends' galleries, favourites or DD sections^^



Clouds in the sky by dzioo
Clouds in the sky

A birthday gift for :iconduokai:. He’s working on a steampunkish story, so as usual he got a steampunkish picture. This time featuring two sisters from his story, Marie and Johanna.

Wanted to try a different perspective and composition this time, it was really fun working with watercolors again. Maybe someday I’ll do something bigger with those pictures, but it's still just an idea
sketch 13062015 by dzioo
sketch 13062015
Wanted to sketch a little today, as it was super hot and I did not feel like going outside. And I felt like sketching Bruce, one of my OCs, with his mom, I've never done that and they really are adorable together.
sketch 04062015 by dzioo
sketch 04062015
Haven't posted any sketches here in a long time, maybe someone would like to see some^^;
Yesterday was a holiday here, I had a day off, but wasn't feeling too well physically so I wanted to cheer myself up. And so, OC sketches. I love my new pencil, I shall never use any other.
family tree by dzioo
family tree
Ok, this is very embarrasing... I'll probably delete it tomorrow...
Everyone has a headcanon for their favourite story, right? And it can grow into something pretty big and elaborate, right? I can't be the only one???
This monster has been sitting on my harddrive for 5 years, some time ago I decided to finish it. Or like, redraw it completely, because some ideas changed, ALL characters evolved visually and there was no point to stick to the original. In some cases this is the first time I've drawn some of them in color. It was fun, even though there are so many of them.
Stroll through the city by dzioo
Stroll through the city

Watercolor practice. I haven’t used them in a long time but I despite not using them as frequently and not being exactly skilled at painting, watercolors are still one of my favourite mediums to use. The final result is usually a little unpredictable, but that’s one of the factors that make them so intriguing.

I also haven’t drawn a proper background in a long time, this allowed me to have a little bit of fun.

There’s a line visible in the middle of the picture, because the original size is A3, while my scaner is A4. Also, despite my scaner being super awesome as it is, the colors are a bit off. But they still look pretty good to me. It was really fun drawing it.


just D
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Operating System: Win8.1
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Favourite cartoon character: Edward Elric, Van Fanell, Toph Bei Fong, Sagara Souske etc. etc...
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Wow, my previous journal entry is almost 2 years old... I wonder if there's anyone still watching this gallery...

Hello, it's been a while, how's everyone doing? I hope you're good and healthy and that you managed to make some of your dreams come true since my last journal update.
A little update... I'm still a little down when it somes to art, life's not been exactly easy lately. When one of your relatives gets really sick, to the point you don't know if they are going to make it for another day, you start to wonder if your life matters at all. But you have to keep on going, I guess? So I'll try my best to go on, day by day, and do what I can to make my life matter at least a little.

Art - I haven't done much art in past 1,5 year I guess. Participated in one fandom event, did a few commissions, finished some that had been hanging for.... too long. Did a bit of sketching. Some of my works on my tumblr, which I've been exploring for some time. It's fun and cool, but I miss comments and plain conversations with people. I guess I'm just too old^^;

Anyway, I decided I'm going to keep posting things here, from time to time at least. Don't have much time for drawing as I have a full time, VERY demanding job, but I guess I can try. I'm still plagued by the same plot bunnies, I joined a new fandom or two, those of you who are old watchers, I hope you still enjoy what I do, those of you who are new, welcome, I hope you enjoy my work too^^

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