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December 10, 2012
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sketch 09122012 - rebellious by dzioo sketch 09122012 - rebellious by dzioo
Got myself a new sketchbook. A nice one with recycled, gorgeously smooth brown paper. And because the paper is brown, I can experiment with various colors of pencils. In this one, white. And a normal mechanical pencil. I'm aboslutely in love with this sketchbook, hopefully I can manage to fill it with valuable scribbles....

First one, with a theme "rebellious". Slightly different looks for my characters. And a car. Hopefully regognizable... Proportions may be off, I have no idea how big this car is compared to a person's body....
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FairladyRS Featured By Owner Dec 18, 2013  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
wow, really nice, seeing this remind me that digital dosnt always give the best result.. KIU ! 
dzioo Featured By Owner Dec 19, 2013
Thank you! No, traditional media give you a whole spectrum of effects and for certain cases are the best. People started creating art with traditional media after all. Because people think that they can do whatever they want with computer, they don't appreciate simple tools such as colored paper, pencil and white pencil.
FairladyRS Featured By Owner Dec 19, 2013  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
yeah you are right :)
medievallass Featured By Owner Dec 29, 2012  Hobbyist Writer
This is a stunning piece dzioo! I think everything looks in proportion, the car is lovely the lines are really great. All the characters look really great, with a sort of badass attitude. I'd be like hey guys look'n good ^^; I'm just pass'n through. It looks like it was a great way to draw lots of different poses for everyone too. The female character looks fantastic from her standing pose, it looks like it was challenging to do. I bet this sketchbook will be a gem!

Hayley :floating:
dzioo Featured By Owner Jan 10, 2013
Thank you so much! I wouldn't call it stunning really, but it was fun to make^^

LOL, they just appear as rebellious, they're actually pretty nice kids^^; I think^^;
It was, indeed! Although because I am not good at creating 'bad' characters, it was difficult to come up with some that would fit the idea with the car...

Once again, thank you very much for wonderful compliments!
carlacorvino Featured By Owner Dec 26, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
dzioo Featured By Owner Dec 28, 2012
BishiBower Featured By Owner Dec 14, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
That white really pops out. O.O Nice!!!
dzioo Featured By Owner Dec 18, 2012
I'm glad to know it looks good, it was really fun applying it on this paper^^ Thank you!
MandereLee Featured By Owner Dec 13, 2012
This is so cool!! I love how the perspective, the arrangement and the shading all contribute to their "Don't mess with me" attitude. ^^ This looks so pro. *__*
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